The time is always right to visit Mauritius

We decided to ditch the horrible November weather in Europe and exchange it for the beautiful crystal clear sea and sun of the Mauritius island.

I honestly believe that the time is always right to visit Mauritius. Whenever you decide to fly there, be it February, July or November, you will always have the time of your life.

Mauritius, an Indian Ocean island nation, is known for its beautiful beaches, lagoons and reefs.  But there is so much more to do besides swimming, laying and relaxing on the beach or scuba diving! The wildlife of Mauritius will leave you speechless, but let’s not forget also about the food. Mauritius is a winning destination for the excellence of its food, and that goes for fine-dining restaurants at five-star resorts as well as beachside old houses serving fish just off the boat.


We stayed at the Shangri-La Le Touessrok Resort & Spa ( The hotel lies on a beautiful stretch of sandy coast, overlooking the stunning Trou d’Eau Dauce Bay.

IMG_7706 (2)

The hotel honestly represents all that luxury is. If you are staying there as a family or only a couple, you will find that the hotel is suitable for you either way.

The breakfast buffet is amazing and offers so many things from so many different cuisines that you cannot even imagine.

IMG_7672 (2)

Since we were there with our son Tristan we really loved their kids club; T-Club. It is amazingly well organized and offers a fantastic range of activities for kids. Since the hotel property includes two islands, Ilot Managenie and Ile aux Cerfs, the children were also doing daily trips to the islands. When they did a trip to one of them that included a Zip Line, Tristan had the best time of his life with his buddies that day.


In fact, the T club was so good that there were days where we didn’t see him from morning ‘til dinner as he was having so much fun and engaged in so many different. Amongst other things, children can enjoy golf, tennis, windsurfing and swimming, as well as a variety of educational exercises.

During that time, me and my husband of course had the time to relax, read a book (or two) on the beautiful beach, enjoy the water and have some treatments in the amazing Chi -The Spa.

But we were mostly presently surprised when we discovered that the Spa also offers massages for kids! Tristan has been begging us for years to take him to a spa as he would also love to have a massage. As most spas only accept children from the age of 12, this has never been possible – until our Shangri-La Mauritius! So of course, we booked a treatment also for our little one. To say that he loved it, is a complete understatement! See for yourself… 🙂

IMG_8271 (2)

And the best thing was that we all had a chance to enjoy our massages together!

The resort includes five restaurants that serve the finest Western and Asian cuisines. From the spices and fragrances of India to the pure, fresh ingredients of Japan, there is something for every taste and occasion at the resort’s numerous dining venues. And every evening was a great and very different experience for a curious little home chef!


Wherever we go, we always like to rent a car and explore the destination as much as possible – at our own pace and not necessarily with a predefined plan. One day we just took the car and drove around the island to explore the amazing nature.

IMG_7624 (2)

For us always a must (since Tristan loves the animals): a visit to the local Zoo or Safari experience at the destination. In Mauritius, we went to the Casela Park: ( There are so many animals that you can see here and activities that you can do that you will surely spend several hours here – indeed it is a great day trip. What particularly impressed Tristan were the beautiful (white!) tigers.

Another trip worth taking in my view is to the capital Port Louis. Although not necessarily a main tourist area, we liked its vibrancy. In fact, you will be overwhelmed by the intense activity that prevails across the boulevards and along the streets. The history of Port Louis first starts in the eighteenth century when the French took possession of the island. There have since been several changes of rule, so there is a lot of history to explore and historical monuments to see, including impressive old canons, Le Caudan Waterfront, Blue Penny Museum, St Louis Cathedral…

Of course, being the foodies that we are, we also discovered a most amazing Asian restaurant with some of the best dim sums ever: Yuzu restaurant.


The restaurant brings together the best of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cuisines. With the elegant decor, it is situated in the full of history Waterfront hotel. If you love Asian food, you must book a table at Yuzu!

IMG_8251 (2)

Unfortunately, this was a rather short family vacation, certainly leaving many more places and things to enjoy, relax and explore on the beautiful island Mauritius. Therefore, we are coming back for more. Have I mentioned that anytime is good time to come to this island with crystal blue water and fullof nature?

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