About me

                                    Hi, I am Sandra!

Since I can remember I loved to travel and experience new things. This is probably why I ended up working in hospitality business. I worked in mainly 4 and 5 star hotels for more than 13 years. This gave me a good insight into the hotel world – and makes it very easy for me to recognize a very well organized and luxury hotel from something average.

I believe that not all the expensive things are necessary also the best or even good once. Therefore, in my blog I am giving you my honest (maybe also slightly professional opinion). This should help you to only experience the good and skip the bad ones.

I believe that everything should have a story, every hotel, every restaurant, every small thing that will give you an unforgettable experience. Something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

I also believe that there are things that we should experience at least once in our life. I am very lucky because together with my family or with my friends I had and still have an amazing opportunity to travel and explore out beautiful planet. And I always look for something unique, that special something which is different from others.

A second passion of mine is food: In my family, we are all big foodies. That is why whenever we travel we are looking for newest restaurants and most exciting and unique experiences connected to food.

I also believe that children should not be excluded from all these amazing experiences. Let me tell you (for many) a surprising truth: having children is not a reason to stop doing the things that you love. You just need to include them and they will definitely join in and enjoy it with you.

Our little Tristan has already eaten in numerous Michelin star restaurants all over the world. He and Sara (our 20-year-old who is currently at university) have visited many amazing places all around the world. But not just that: Tristan in particular likes cooking as well! And so do I! That is why you will find a page with home recipes that I or we love to use in our kitchen.

We have just recently moved to London which gives us the possibilities to even more frequently explore amazing restaurants, visit unique exhibitions and go and see some amazing theater plays which we are big fans of.

After many years in hospitality I was looking for more adventure so I became an entrepreneur. I opened my own private international bilingual school which was again a unique experience for me. I sold my business a few months ago and now I am ready for a new chapter in my life – for new things that will create unforgettable memories.

A lot of our friends had been pushing me in the last year to start my own blog and share our experiences so here I am. My wish is to give you my opinion (even if it is not always a good one) so that you are inspired to get on your feet and travel, seek new unique adventures and uncover hidden gems by yourself, with your family or friends.

I want to experience as much as possible in this life time.