Vive la Cote d`Azur

The French Riviera is known all over the world for its glamour and beauty. On our recent trip to the French Riviera we stopped at a few places, which are a must-see spots.

Along the way, we dined in some of the best gourmet restaurant that French Riviera offers. In order to really leave an impact I have divided all the places we visited in their own posts. In that way, I can really describe every trip and experiences we had at some excellent fine dining restaurants. So keep tune!


So, our trip began in Monaco. To be exact we landed in Nice and from there drove to Monte Carlo in a rented cabriolet. It was exciting driving along side the beautiful beaches and spotting some new destinations on the way. Monte Carlo is the perfect mix of the excitement of city life with quiet old town charm. The main street are filled with all luxury fashion brands boutiques where they sell the newest collection. They are also surrounded with some of the best restaurants. We stayed at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel which embodies the classic glamour and timeless chic of the French Riviera. The Hotel offers some exquisite dining experiences, so we have decided to try some French Mediterranean food in their Michelin-starred fine dining restaurant, called Le Cap.


After a delicious meal, we stopped for a drink at the most famous and touristic Casino Square, where you can admire all the luxury fast cars parked in front the casino or either the Hotel. Close by is the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the current and official residence of the Prince of Monaco.

Most of the time when people travel to this kind of places forget about the charm of beautiful historic villages outside the cities. Eze village is one of the most picturesque spots in the region.


Another place worth seeing while in Monaco is the Oceanographic Museum. It offers a unique opportunity to know, love and protect the oceans. The museum itself is one of the finest in Monaco, holds some of the best exhibits, which some were very interesting and educational for kids. My son absolutely adored it! I would also suggest to check out the rooftop and admire the beautiful view of the whole city.

Our journey on the French Riviera continued in Cannes, so stay tuned for the next blog post to find out more about luxury spots and gourmet dining.

After you visit Belgrade it will stay in your heart forever.

Belgrade is an amazingly vibrant city, full of life and amazing things to see and explore.

And to me, one of the highlights is most certainly its gastronomy. Belgrade has a vast number of one of a kind restaurants that will leave you speechless. Each of them has its own concept and is unique in the food that they are offering, the design of the restaurant, the ambiance and its atmosphere.

A great example is Ambar. We spent an amazing afternoon indulging into the its unique concept and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect and every minute of it.

Ambar is a restaurant which offers Balkan food with a modern twist. The Chef plays with different fusion combinations combining the Balkan cuisine with some other cuisine – a different one with every dish.

The amazing unique interior design of the restaurant located by the river gives the clients a relaxed atmosphere, perfectly supported by the great music. At night after dinner the restaurant becomes a night bar, with an amazing selection of their own signature and traditional cocktails as well as all sorts of other drinks. And on the music front, they also have a DJ to cater to the crowd and their wishes and desires.


Everybody from all the waiters to the chef de maitre was extremely friendly and professional. The explanation of every dish and the stories behind them were both entertaining and intriguing.

This time around we decided to surrender ourselves to the hands of the amazing chef and the whole team that served us and to go with an *Experience* menu.

The amazing thing about this menu is that it will give you the real overall taste of what Amber is and you will have the possibility to try among most of their best dishes.

It gives you the overview of how tasty Balkan food can be and how well it combines into great dishes with other different cuisines.


Selection of different spreads that Balkan is known for, amongst which “kajmak” cannot be missed.

Kajmak is an irreplaceable ingredient of numerous specialties, always delicious. It will always and unstoppably lure you to another bite. You don’t know it? Kajmak is a thick creamy dairy product with an unforgettable smell and taste. It is made of fresh cow milk and it will possess all your senses at the very first bite.

Here we tried different spread combinations: tuna spread with pears, kajmak with mushrooms, lamb pate with Kalamata olives.


One of the dishes that let us speechless was the octopus. It was so soft that it was literally melting in our mouths. The octopus is cooked for 24 hours and then mixed in pepper paste and grilled.


This unusual combination was one of the big surprises. The lamb meat with radish, pineapple and kohlrabi and on the top, you have an amazing fresh and full of flavors sauce: sour milk with cumin and mint. So light and refreshing – simply incredible!


Light crispy shredded pork on mash potato and with red cabbage (and vinegar).

And if you have any space left in the tummy you must try one of their desserts. Just pick one and you will be delighted.


Dining at Ambar is not only food but an amazing experience! And with the incredible selection and always creative Chef, it is worth coming back – both for their classics and the new creations and interpretations.