If you grow up in a coastal Mediterranean town and you are a little bit spoiled when it comes to seafood, One-O-One seafood restaurant is the place for you.

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Highly recognized and awarded as one of the finest seafood restaurants in London, One-O-One brings the flavors of the sea straight to the plate in the most exquisite way. My husband and I visited the Knightsbridge-based One-O-One restaurant on Friday evening. Immediately when we entered the restaurant, we were welcomed and felt very comfortable immediately.

Growing up on the Adriatic Mediterranean coast, we have always been spoiled for fresh and delicious seafood. Not only does One-O-One give you the finest principle elements, it prepares and offers them to you in ways that even we were amazingly and positively surprised and literally blown away with exquisite tasty combinations.


Once seated, we were immediately offered an aperitif. My husband went for a cocktail, while I decided to wait for the food and go with the wine.

We immediately started looking at the generous menu, which offers upmarket seafood dishes and a tasty menu created by Breton chef Pascal Proyart.

Menu highlights include Jersey rock oysters, which can be served in four different ways; there is also the Norwegian red king crab legs from the Barents Sea; also offered with four flavorings; yellowfin tuna tartar, Dover sole and whole sea bass baked in guarded sea salt.

Because we really wanted to get the best possible overview and taste of all the seafood specialties from Chef Proyart, we opted for the 5-course tasting menu.

We decided to leave the decision of the wine in the expert hands of a very professional sommelier lady and went for a wine pairing. We didn’t have to wait long until we started with our amazing food journey.

After the fresh and delicate smoked amuse bouche de Jour, our bellies were ready for one of the best tuna tartar that I had in my life: Yellowfin tuna tartar, duck foie gras, sushi rice, truffle, radicchio, beetroot, hazelnut.

The Sauvignon Blanc de Touraine, Loire Valley, New Zeeland 2014, was a very good paring to follow this sweet and sour, citrusy dish.


We continued with the Scallops, pork belly, onsen quail eggs, potato espuma, bisque, and jus gras.

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After the success of our starters, we were very much looking forward to the remainder of our meal.

Cod, red prawn, paimpol coco beans cassoulet, Iberico chorizo, piquillo, parsley

The interesting thing about this dish is that even though the cod is relatively a simple and dry fish, the chef’s choice combination with coco beans and chorizo gave it that moister and textured additional kick. So, everything elevated the fish very much.

The wine was Chardonnay,Tangley Oaks, North California, USA, 2014. It brought back some nice memories of our trip to Nappa valley that we took some time ago.

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But the biggest culinary surprise was yet to come. The Terre et Mer Lobster, king crab, beef fillet, celeriac, heritage carrot, and Pinot Noir was absolutely to die for. The surf and turf combination was so sweet and full of strong flavors that I remember waking up next day and still having this amazing combination of flavors in my mind and my mouth. My husband said it was the same for him. The mix of bisque and Pinot noir sauce was heavenly.

The colorful Bourgogne, Hautes Cotes de Beaune, Domaine Rollin, France, 2014, was a wonderful choice just to elevate the whole dish, if elevation was even possible.

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Even though we were so full and in heaven with the dishes that we tried and chose, we couldn’t resist the amazing Coupe liegeoise, Manjari chocolate, coffee foam, salt caramel ice cream.

I can honestly say that the whole experience at One-O-One was amazing and all our senses were involved. The whole menu was impeccably inventive, with a lot of creativity in taste and texture.

Besides our big compliments to the chef, we must say that also the waiters, and especially our sommelier lady, were very professional and very welcoming.

We definitely recommend that you try this amazing experience that we had at One-O-One. This restaurant is well worth a visit.

And in case I didn’t stress it enough: the surf and turf was amazing!


Address: The Park Tower, 101 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RN